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150 Affirmations to Get You Through the Day

Every day we wake up facing different things. Maybe you are feeling discouraged about the way your life is going lately. Perhaps you feel stressed out about work or you are not as confident as you would like. Regardless of your reasoning, the following affirmations can bring you comfort.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you overcome challenges and negative self-talk. If you repeat them often enough, they can start to manifest inside of you. Affirmations will help you think in a new way.

survive the day affirmations

I hope these affirmations provide you with enough variety to find something truly suitable for your situation. There are different ways that you can use affirmations. You can repeat each affirmation around ten times a few times a day. You could also write it down in your journal every day. Or you could write it on your bulletin board, place it on your fridge, or write it on your bathroom mirror, where you can see it regularly.

Hopefully as you practice your chosen affirmations frequently, this will change how you feel and think.

Affirmations for Moving on From Mistakes

1. Everyone makes mistakes.

2. I lived and I will learn from this.

3. Sometimes I have to fall before I can fly.

4. I can’t keep going back to the things I did before.

5. Change will never happen if I keep looking in the past.

6. I only have to let go of past mistakes and of things holding me back.

I made a mistake, I am human.

7. I made a mistake, I am human.

8. Mistakes only live on in memories; I can change.

9. I will move on from this.

10. I improve a little every day.

11. I am a whole person.

12. I will not allow my past to darken my future.

I’m moving on to better things affirmation

13. I’m moving on to better things.

14. I am always learning and improving.

15. I will learn from that mistake and not make it again.

16. Mistakes are a learning experience; I will go on.

17. I can only move forward from my mistakes.

18. Everything will be okay.

My mistakes are in the past affirmation

19. My mistakes are in the past.

20. I did what I thought was best.

21. I forgive myself.

22. Mistakes aren’t the end of the world.

23. Things will get better for me; They always do.

24. I will learn from this mistake and go forward with more knowledge.

I am always learning and improving affirmation

25. I am always learning and improving.

Affirmations for Being True to Yourself

26. No one controls me but myself.

27. Only I know the best path for me.

28. I will live what I consider my best life.

29. I make my own decisions.

30. I know what I am worth.

31. I choose where I go.

32. I will no longer hide what I like.

I can like what I like and I will seek out like-minded people affirmation

33. I can like what I like and I will seek out like-minded people.

34. I will no longer be a wallflower, worried about what others think.

35. I don’t depend on others for my self-worth.

36. I am proud to be me.

37. Others will not darken my delights.

38. I know what I like and I am not afraid to admit it.

39. This is my life and I will live it how I choose.

Happiness is doing what I love affirmation

40. Happiness is doing what I love.

41. I trust myself and my decisions.

42. Who I am on the inside matters the most.

43. Only I can decide what path I will take.

44. In order to be truly happy, I need to love myself.

45. I will be true to myself, in mind and action.

46. I will not let others dictate my worth.

I will go after what I want affirmation

47. I will go after what I want.

48. I have no reason to be embarrassed for what I like.

49. No one but myself can choose what is best for me.

50. I will not be ashamed of my desires.

Affirmations for Stress at Work

51. Asking for help isn’t a failure on my part.

52. My mental health is part of being healthy.

53. Setbacks are not failures; I will get up and try again.

54. This job does not define me.

55. I am more than just a number.

56. I am proud of what I have done so far.

I will continue to treat my coworkers with kindness affirmation

57. I will continue to treat my coworkers with kindness.

58. I am doing enough for this job.

59. I am not a machine.

60. I will remain calm and hopeful.

61. I am more than just my position.

62. I will work towards what motivates me.

I will reset and refocus affirmation

63. I will reset and refocus.

64. My work is part of a journey to more success.

65. I will look at someone else’s success as motivation.

66. Being angry serves no one.

67. We all have struggles, some just hide them better than others.

68. I will create a workplace environment where I feel safe.

I will let the little things go affirmation

69. I will let the little things go.

70. I am valuable.

71. I am worth so much more than this job.

72. I won’t worry about things that may not come to pass.

73. I won’t worry about things that I don’t have control over.

74. I will focus on what is truly important.

I realize I have limitless potential affirmation

75. I realize I have limitless potential.

Affirmations for Overcoming Self-Doubt

76. I dictate my own choices and make my own decisions.

77. I am the hero in my life.

78. I am me, not anyone else.

79. My opinion matters and my thoughts are worthy.

80. I will find out exactly where I need to be.

81. I am perfect just the way that I am.

82. No one else is just like me because I am me.

83. I choose to be positive and to look forward to what will come my way.

I can change my life affirmation

84. I can change my life.

85. I can accomplish my dreams.

86. Mistakes will not define me.

87. I am beautiful, I am smart, I am capable.

88. With determination, nothing can stop me.

89. I am here for a reason.

90. I will not allow doubt to hinder me.

91. I will not allow doubt to eat away at me.

I can weather any storm affirmation

92. I can weather any storm.

93. I accept myself for who I am and look forward to the person that I am becoming.

94. I will push forward with courage.

95. I will no longer doubt myself for I am capable of so much more.

96. I am capable of accomplishing great things.

97. I am worthy of receiving good things.

98. I am ready to embrace the challenges that I encounter.

99. I am supported and loved by those around me.

I am unlimited in what I can do affirmation

100. I am unlimited in what I can do.

Affirmations for Difficult Times

101. I will find a way through.

102. I am strong and I will overcome this.

103. I will remain calm and look to the future.

104. I will be the change I want to see.

105. I am resilient.

106. I am strong enough to face this.

107. Despite these dark times, the dawn will come.

108. I am stronger than I think I am.

I will make it through this affirmation

109. I will make it through this.

110. I will not face this alone.

111. I will not hide away because things are difficult.

112. I will not quit.

113. I will move on from here to better things.

114. I will remember that tough times don’t last.

115. This is a learning experience for me.

116. I will find something to be thankful for during these dark times.

Like all things, this, too, will pass affirmation

117. Like all things, this, too, will pass.

118. Asking for help is not a weakness.

119. I will make it, one small step at a time.

120. I will persevere.

121. I cannot control what happens to me, but I can control how I react to it.

122. I believe that I can do this.

123. I will think of all the good things I have in my life.

124. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, I will focus on what is going right for me.

I can do this affirmation

125. I can do this.

Affirmations for Feeling Discouraged

126. I will use this challenge to learn new things.

127. This may be daunting, but I will do it one step at a time.

128. The path may not be easy, but I will travel it.

129. This may be tough, but so am I.

130. Sometimes things aren’t easy, so I will just have to press on.

131. I can do anything that I set my mind to.

132. Every small step in the right direction is a step I will take.

133. I will move forward because I know that things will work out.

Like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes affirmation

134. Like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes.

135. I am ready to take on whatever life throws at me.

136. I don’t need to think about tomorrow; I only need to think about today.

137. Nothing will be able to sway me from my goals.

138. I know it will be tough, but I will do it.

139. I will keep my eye on the horizon.

140. Through these tough trials, I will emerge victorious.

141. When you know your destiny, nothing can keep you from it.

Today I will not let dark thoughts weigh me down affirmation

142. Today I will not let dark thoughts weigh me down.

143. I will trust in my steadfastness and ability.

144. I am stronger than anything that comes my way.

145. I won’t dwell on the negatives, instead I will do what needs to be done.

146. In dark times, I will look at all the good in the world.

147. Through these trials, I will become stronger and wiser.

148. I can’t wait for things to get better; I need to actively help them get better.

149. I will refocus on what is truly important.

I will do this, one step at a time affirmation

150. I will do this, one step at a time.

Final Words

When it comes to affirmations, your creativity makes them limitless. If you didn’t find one you loved through my list, you can always create your own. Through practice, you can see how affirmations are helpful. I hope you find, or come up with one, that is truly special to you.

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