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50 Powerful Affirmations for Strength

We have all sorts of ways to strengthen our physical bodies, but we tend to forget that which we cannot see: our inner strength. Building mental strength and resilience requires maintenance just as physical strength does.

These affirmations have been written as somewhat of a fitness class for your mind. They are designed to help you grow the strength that is already within you. They will help you harness that inner power and give it the energy it needs to flourish and to make itself present in your life.

Whether you have come to a difficult moment in your life that you need to overcome to move forward or you are simply looking to build up your courage, these affirmations will help.

strength affirmations

Getting Started

If you’re new to affirmations, allow us to briefly explain how they work. Affirmations harness the power of the law of attraction. When you say the phrases in the list below and allow them to resonate within you and around you, you begin to generate certain energy. That energy attracts more similar energy and suddenly a snowball effect begins.

For instance, if you say, “I am strong” then you are building somewhat of a forcefield around yourself that attracts strength and helps you grow stronger in all that you endeavor.

So find a comfortable place and say these phrases aloud. Try your best to say them as though they were already true and present so that the law of attraction can build up that forcefield. Trust in all the incredible energy the universe has within it.

Strength Affirmations

1. I choose to be resilient and courageous.

2. My strength gives me power.

3. I believe I am a strong person.

4. I am tenacious.

All the strength I need is within me affirmation image

5. All the strength I need is within me.

6. I am equipped to handle any obstacle that comes my way.

7. I have the strength to overcome anything that I need to.

8. I embrace hard times because I know I can get through them with my inner strength and resilience.

9. I am constantly growing stronger with each moment that passes.

I choose to be strong

10. I choose to be strong.

11. I surround myself with strong, bold, and courageous people who fill me with their incredible energy just as I fill them with mine.

12. I live in the present.

13. I am not my past.

14. I am open to moving forward and growing stronger by doing so.

15. I have what it takes to flourish.

My heart is open and ready to grow even stronger affirmation image

16. My heart is open and ready to grow even stronger.

17. I am confident in my inner strength.

18. I trust my strength and my ability in any situation.

19. I trust myself.

20. I’ve got this!

I relinquish the hold my past has over me affirmation image

21. I relinquish the hold my past has over me.

22. I’m stronger than I was yesterday and tomorrow I will be stronger than I am today.

23. I am constantly changing for the better.

24. I choose to trust my strength and that is my superpower.

25. My mindset is a powerful tool that I can decide on.

I accept the challenge before me affirmation image

26. I accept the challenge before me.

27. Self-doubt no longer serves me so I let it go.

28. I am working on myself every single day.

29. What happened has happened and now it is time to move forward and grow from the experience.

30. I am going to work on myself every day of my life because I know that I have all that I need within me to live an incredible, full, abundant life.

I choose to grow from the experience affirmation image

31. I choose to grow from the experience.

32. Choosing to remain positive is my most powerful form of strength.

33. I can overcome this.

34. I accept challenges, in fact, I welcome them because they help me grow.

34. No external force can drag me down.

I choose love, I choose abundance, I choose light affirmation image.

35. I choose love, I choose abundance, I choose light.

36. I am brave.

37. I trust my decisions.

38. No one can make me stronger but me.

39. My kindness is not a vulnerability, it is a form of true, inner strength.

I radiate positive energy and good vibrations and that makes me strong affirmation image.

40. I radiate positive energy and good vibrations and that makes me strong.

41. My abundant love makes me strong and resilient.

42. Both my mental and physical strength are impressive.

43. I empower others with my inner strength.

I am worthy of peace, resilience, and kindness affirmation image.

44. I am worthy of peace, resilience, and kindness.

45. I do not need any external help to be a powerful person.

46. I am in complete and total control of the trajectory of my life.

47. I value my inner strength.

I love who I am and who I am becoming affirmation image.

48. I love who I am and who I am becoming.

49. The people in my life value my time.

50. I am a guiding light to others in search of strength, resilience, and forgiveness.

Final Thoughts

Finding your inner strength is a journey but remember all that you need to flourish in life is already within you. So, affirm powerful energy to bring that strength to the forefront and live the abundant life you deserve.

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