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70 Affirmations to End the Day Right and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Society tends to wildly underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep. We stay up past midnight for no good reason at all only to find ourselves regretting it when the alarm goes off. If you can manage to do so, building the habit of going to sleep on the same day you woke up will do you wonders. However, this is not always possible.

70 Affirmations to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Our days are so filled with excitement, stress, and stimulation that it can be very difficult to shut out the light and fall asleep seamlessly. Sometimes, it feels as though all the events of the day come rushing into our heads as soon as we lay them on the pillow. If this is the case for you then affirmations may offer some relief.

Sleep can be complicated, but it is crucial to our well-being. Sleep allows our bodies to recover and our minds to rest which are two factors vitally important for our mental and physical health. Thus, finding ways to make our sleep as long and deep as possible can be a key ingredient in the recipe for feeling good.

So where do affirmations come in? Well, affirmations use the power of attraction. By speaking the following declarations into the world, you allow them to manifest within you. We recommend beginning with just a few affirmations that resonate or make sense for your specific situation. Find the ones that you can say most meaningfully as the more you can feel what you are saying, the more effective they tend to be.

Alternatively, if you don’t know quite what you are looking to gain from these affirmations then simply begin from the top of the list and work your way down. We’ve kicked it off with some affirmations to close the day followed by a list for a good night’s rest. After that, you will find our affirmations intended for the moments just ahead of bedtime and then finally, some to lull you back to sleep if you should find yourself restless in the night.

Affirmations for Making Peace With the Day

An essential first step in sleeping well is relinquishing any leftover thoughts of the present day. Whether you had the best day of your life or the worst, thinking about each and everything that happened can disrupt your rest. So, begin your sleep affirmations by letting go of your day in order to embrace rest.

I let go of today and welcome sleep affirmation

1. I let go of today and welcome sleep.

2. Today was a good day.

3. I did my best today and allowed myself to put it out of my mind.

4. Today is finished.

5. Tomorrow is a fresh, new day.

6. Worrying about today will not serve me.

7. Worrying about tomorrow will not serve me.

8. Today’s events do not define me and nor will tomorrow.

Today, I accomplished all that I could affirmation

9. Today, I accomplished all that I could, and tomorrow, I will accomplish more after a wonderful night’s rest.

10. I deserve to have peace of mind.

11. I deserve to rest.

12. I deserve relaxation.

13. Today is finished and now I give myself permission to rest peacefully.

14.I choose to stop worrying about yesterday, today, or tomorrow so that I may sleep with ease.

15. I am grateful for today.

16. I am learning to love myself every day that passes.

Affirmations for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Once you have let go of your day, it is time to affirm a peaceful rest. Not all sleep is the same. A restful, long night can change your outlook the following day. So, these affirmations are written to bring that energy into your life so you can close your eyes and drift into a replenishing rest.

My mind is calm affirmation

17. My mind is calm.

18. Tomorrow is another opportunity to shine.

19. Sleep comes easily to me.

20. I love to rest and recharge at night.

21. My dreams are always filled with hope.

22. I look forward to tomorrow.

23. My dreams are a place for my positivity to grow.

My mind is restful affirmation

24. My mind is restful.

25. Now, I choose to rest.

26. I deserve a good night’s sleep.

27. I naturally fall asleep with ease.

28. My body needs rest tonight to be ready to take on the day tomorrow.

29. Calming thoughts will fill my mind as I sleep tonight.

30. I have the power to control my thoughts and emotions.

Sleep is a healer for me affirmation

31. Sleep is a healer for me.

32. As I lay in bed, I let go of whatever does not serve me.

33. There is an easiness in my bedroom and within me tonight.

34. Sleep allows me to give my all at work/school/in life.

35. Rest is the antidote to my problems.

36. Restful sleep will provide me with the tools to conquer tomorrow.

37. I enjoy sleeping. Sleeping feels natural to me.

38. When I sleep, I rest deeply.

Affirmations for Bedtime

Now for the affirmations to repeat to yourself when you crawl into bed. Picture this: you have brushed your teeth, turned down the bed, and the only thing in between you and a deep, replenishing sleep is yourself. So, let’s affirm peace, rest, and relaxation.

Tonight, I will sleep deeply affirmation

39. Tonight, I will sleep deeply.

40. My mind and body are ready to sleep.

41. I feel at peace with my bed.

42. My bed is my resting place.

43. My mind and body are tired.

44. I am ready to dream tonight.

45. I can’t wait to wake up feeling fresh tomorrow.

When my alarm goes off in the morning, I will be ready to greet the day affirmation

46. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I will be ready to greet the day.

47. My bed is comfortable and cozy; it is the perfect place to sleep.

48. My bedroom is filled with calm energy perfect for the restful sleep to come.

49. Tonight, I will sleep through the entire night.

50. I embrace a restorative sleep tonight.

51. I look forward to feeling refreshed and revitalized tomorrow when I open my eyes.

Affirmations to Repeat When You Can’t Fall Asleep

And now, a list for those unwelcome moments of restlessness. Whether you have woken up from a deep slumber at 2:00 in the morning or find yourself tossing and turning after shutting off the light, these are for you.

Calmness is washing over me, and rest is on its way affirmation

52. Calmness is washing over me, and rest is on its way.

53. With each deep breath I take, I am closer to sleep.

54. Insomnia is no longer part of my life.

55. My eyelids are heavy, and my body is tired.

56. My mind is settling down into a restful sleep.

I will follow my breath until I fall to sleep affirmation

57. I will follow my breath until I fall to sleep.

58. My sleep until now does not define the rest of my night.

59. I will drift off to sleep in a matter of moments.

60. Tomorrow is a new day.

61. I do not need to worry about tomorrow.

I am at ease with this night affirmation

62. I am at ease with this night.

63. Worrying about how much sleep I am getting will not serve me at this moment.

64. I will fall to sleep now so that I wake up feeling refreshed and renewed.

65. Sleep will come to me naturally.

66. I am peaceful.

67. I allow myself to feel relaxed.

68. There’s no need to worry anymore about what happened today.

69. I deserve relaxation and recharging.

70. I release all the tension from my body and welcome tranquility.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the more you can relate to what you are saying, the more effective the affirmation will be. Building a habit of reciting these affirmations will help create a calmness around the idea of sleep and a positive feeling towards it.

The saying, “I can sleep when I’m dead” is a silly one because sleep is vital to life. So, get that rest and get as much of it as you can.

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