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60 Powerful Affirmations for Forgiveness

Life is a continuous journey. You will make mistakes and so will the people in your life. Bumps in the road are inevitable. What is truly important is how you move forward from them. Learning to forgive yourself and learning to forgive others is a profoundly important part of life. That is why we have composed a list of affirmations specifically for forgiveness.

Our first list of affirmations is designed to help you forgive yourself. The reason for which you are seeking forgiveness does not matter. All that truly matters is how you let these words manifest within you. Speak these phrases and feel them as you do. Then allow the law of attraction to work its magic.

The second list is written to cultivate forgiveness within you for others. Sometimes it can be difficult to forgive however, the person who is hurt most in this situation is actually you. Holding grudges is bad for your health. So, release your tension and move forward with grace.

You may notice this article does not include a section for affirming forgiveness from others. This is intentional as you can only change and manifest from within. So, focus on you. Start with forgiving yourself and forgiving others and you will find things fall into place.

60 Powerful Affirmations for Forgiveness

Forgiveness for Yourself

1. I let go of the past in order to move into the future.

2. I release my doubt and concern.

3. My past does not define my present or my future.

I release my guilt affirmation image

4. I release my guilt.

5. All that matters is this present moment.

6. I am capable of moving forward.

7. I deserve to move forward.

8. I am a good person.

I release my shame affirmation image

9. I release my shame.

10. I release my self-judgment.

11. Thinking about the past no longer serves me.

12. It is time to move forward.

I release my embarrassment affirmation image

13. I release my embarrassment.

14. I am worthy of a future.

15. Today is the beginning of a new journey that is free of self-hate.

16. I forgive myself the way I have forgiven so many other people in my life.

17. Resenting myself only inhibits my growth.

I choose to forgive myself and move on affirmation image

18. I choose to forgive myself and move on.

19. One step at a time, I let go of what no longer serves me.

20. I did the best I could with what I had at the time.

21. I am human and I grow from my mistakes.

22. Each moment in my life contributes to my growth and evolution.

My anger at myself - I release it affirmation image

23. My anger at myself – I release it.

24. I love myself and I respect myself.

25. I release the weight of regret from my shoulders.

26. Self-hatred does not serve me.

27. I can forgive myself so that I can forgive others.

Forgiveness for Others

Forgiving does not mean I am condoning the hurt they caused affirmation image

28. Forgiving does not mean I am condoning the hurt they caused, it means I am allowing myself to move on from it.

29. Forgiveness is my antidote.

30. I have the power within me right now to forgive.

31. Forgiving is not weakness, it is strength.

32. Self-pity does not serve me.

33. I have abundant forgiveness within me.

34. It is time to move on.

I understand that holding a grudge hurts me more than anyone affirmation image

35. I understand that holding a grudge hurts me more than anyone, so it is time to forgive.

36. People are human and mistakes do not define them.

37. I am not a resentful person.

38. I acknowledge when it is time to let go.

39. I see the people in my life with love even when it is difficult.

40. I choose love.

41. I choose the path forward.

I choose forgiveness affirmation image

42. I choose forgiveness.

43. They did the best they could with what they had at the time.

44. Resentment is not a good look for me, so I choose to relinquish it.

45. I determine my happiness and I choose to be happy.

46. Negative thoughts and opinions no longer serve me.

47. It is time to forgive.

48. Resentment is a prison, and I am free from it.

My mind, spirit, and body are free from holding tension affirmation image

49. My mind, spirit, and body are free from holding tension.

50. My ability to forgive is my superpower.

51. Each day is a chance to start fresh.

52. I spread love not hate.

53. I am a guiding light for others in my journey with forgiveness.

54. The past is over and gone, all that matters is this moment.

55. How I feel within determines how I interact with others.

Negative patterns are not good for my health, so I let them go affirmation image

56. Negative patterns are not good for my health, so I let them go.

57. I am learning and growing every day.

58. I forgive anyone who has wronged me and I send them positive energy.

59. I am patient and understanding.

60. I have the power to forgive.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a sign to forgive yourself or to forgive someone in your life, this is it. Be here in this present moment and you will find peace within yourself. We hope these affirmations have helped get you started on your forgiveness journey. Remember that forgiveness is easier sometimes than others, but it is always necessary to move forward in peace and abundance.

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